happiness is only the felt sense of the heart

I do believe in an everyday

sort of magic- the

inexplicable connectedness

we sometimes experience

with places, people,

works of art and the like;

the eerie appropriateness

of moments of synchronicity;

the whispered voice,

the hidden presence,

when we think we’re alone.

~Charles de Lint

and when I feel the excitement of the day, I notice….

inquiry for today~ what would it be like to re-discover?

may you feel

It’s funny how we outgrow

what we once thought we couldn’t live

without, and then we fall in love

with what we didn’t even know

we wanted. Life keeps leading us

on journeys we would never go on if it

were up to us. Don’t be afraid.

Have faith. Find the lessons.

Trust the journey.

~Tara Isis Gerris

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