this careless world

The fires remind us that our present story is broken, its myth of progress and endless economic growth fostering ecocide. Nature in both Her beauty and violence is a calling to return, to rejoin the “great conversation” where the wind and the stars speak to us.4 As we travel this liminal landscape between stories, between civilizations, we need the support and guidance of this greater community. As we experience the primal insecurity of a civilization unraveling, we need to feel that we belong, not to a political ideology, a race, nation, or some conspiracy theory, but to the living presence that has sustained us for thousands of years, back to when we journeyed as small groups of hunters and gatherers. Then we were awake with all of our senses, with ceremonies and dreams attuned to both the seen and unseen worlds, long before we “settled” the land, and then forgot it was sacred.

~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

how can we forget and forgive first?

inquiry for today~ feel your feet deep in the falling leaves…..

where sky meets heart

In these, standing also in time to fall,

shines the world’s great tenderness,

light and sight passingly touching like a kiss.

Made no doubt by force,

the world is saved by tenderness.

After they fall,

the fallen decay quietly,

by countless gentle acts.

~Wendell Berry

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