under this world

Human beings are strange. Although we have an intelligent look, we are simply groping in darkness. Human beings work diligently merely to avoid boredom. There are too many things that attract us in this world. We want to do this and that. But once we experience or get these things, we find they’re nothing important. There are people who never discover their own true way of life.

~Kodo Sawaki

what can I bring along with me?

inquiry for today~ it’s gone away for a little while….

tied to remembrance

As a leaf on the wind

untethered in the night, unnoticed,

black is deeper here and nothing to bump against,

so how to imagine my way forward.

I am the dream the tree remembers,

living right and full, cleverly disguised as belonging

so that in my loosing I was found through the land kin.

By whatever name and the sweetness of let go

to speak the stretch of old mother skin, tree or bird-song

though others demand silence; I am a foundling,

ever when angels whisper what I strain to hear.

~S. Goose

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