find the moon

All she wanted

was to find a place to stretch her bones

A place to lengthen her smiles

and spread her hair

A place where her legs could walk

without cutting and bruising

A place unchained

She was born out of ocean breath.

I reminded her;

‘Stop pouring so much of yourself

into hearts that have no room for themselves

Do not thin yourself

Be vast

You do not bring the ocean to a river’

~ Tapiwa Mugabe

nothing happens in the simple pause…

inquiry for today~ a little kindness for the difficult mysteries….

those sweet nothings

The sun sets and rises then again and again,

we call this time but it’s only a game. As the sun never moves to stage our grand passage of time,

it is us who circle and circle, dreaming our way through the divine.

And the moon wanes and waxes then again and again, we call this darkness

but it’s only a frame. As the moon never changes to illumine our opposite sides,

it is us who divide them, thus missing out on the gold they entwine.

~Gergana Lambreva

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