dark nights are quiet

Just as our compassionate heart can be touched by the sorrows of the world, we must also remember that it is not our responsibility to fix all the brokenness of the world—only to fix what we can. Otherwise we become grandiose, as if we were put here to be the savior of the humanity around us.

Mindfulness and compassion are genuinely undertaken one step at a time, one person, one moment. Without this understanding we become overwhelmed by all the problems that must be attended to: the dilemmas of our extended family and community, the injustice and suffering worldwide. When we see with wisdom, the heavy press of time, the responsibility for all things is transformed.

We find perspective, a long view. We are not in charge. In our relationships, in our community, on this earth, we may not live to see all the changes we work for—we are the planters of seeds. When the seeds of our actions are caring and sincere, we can know that they will bear nourishing fruit for all beings. No matter what has passed, we can begin again. We can only begin now, where we are, and it is this now that becomes the seed for all that lies ahead. In these small steps our truth can blossom.

~Jack Kornfield

so driven to change- perhaps savoring is needed instead….

inquiry for today~ feel the thin veil and listen…..

maybe we know why after all

The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.

~Pablo Picasso

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