this fire in our lives

More and more, I like the phrase “let it be” to “let it go” because letting go can feel like too much doing, inviting the ego to take over, ending the sense of being with life. It conveys a gentle movement of availability.

If there is to be an answer to the mystery of our lives, if there is to be healing of the heartbreak and soothing of the pain and trouble, it starts and ends here. We invite in a greater, healing attention. We let it be.

~Tracy Cochran

remembering how to see in the dark takes time….

inquiry for today~ where are you today?

taking it all in

I am building a house

where the floor is made up of strength

where the walls are crafted of ambition

where the roof is a masterpiece

of forgiveness.

I am building myself.

~Noor Unnahar

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