just wait with the wind

The scars of my soul

are like the stars in the sky;

I cannot count them

all but it’s a miracle

I’m still alive to try.

~Chishala Lishomwa

what do you truly know?

inquiry for today~ what happens when you second guess the primal hope?

divine synchronicity

There will always be an infinity of things to do. We can never get our life or our business or our kitchen running exactly the way we want it to run. No matter how we envision it, it can’t be that way. Life is not predetermined to the point that we can get to some stage and then see how it all works. What happens is that we have a better and better understanding of things, we have more and more clarity and ability to deal with things as they arise. But they keep arising, endlessly. The empty sky is always creating new clouds.

~Edward Espe Brown

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