call of wonderment

I hope life gives you wings

and you have the courage to use them.

~Christy Ann Martine

opening to all struggles….

inquiry for today~ not so much about how well you do it all….just softly know it’s ok….

quiet desperation

On the days that your savings are depleted and your house is messy and you don’t like your work very much. You’re not doing life wrong- you’re simply on the journey. In the seasons where everything feels hard and you forget who you are or people you love are dying – you’re not doing life wrong. Life is messy. The weeks where you realize you’ve taken a wrong turn or made a mistake and you’re tempted to stay under guilt or shame. You’re just human – still growing and finding your way. When things keep breaking and you don’t like your body and you’re tipping into fear or unfair comparison – remember that every single one of us struggles. Welcome to humanity.

If you’ve hit middle age and still haven’t discovered how to adult with ease and you’re tempted to think you’re all alone… nope, we’re all figuring out life as we go. If someone backed into your car and your new cute dress is flawed and nothing really bad has happened but you’re feeling a little down. Look around and scan for beauty – this is your imperfect, beautiful life. When you’ve entered a new, unfamiliar season of life and you’re not the same person that you once were and you wonder if you’ll find a new purpose and path. Breathe, relax, you’ll find your way. All the uncomfortable bits are as much a part of your beautiful life as the sunshine and money in the bank and the lovely days. You’re not doing life wrong.

~Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui

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