If one of these days you don’t find me

search for me in the woods

call my name among the trees,

wait for me in the mist

while you feel the air on your face

let me breathe lightly while I come closer

and fall in love with every tree on the way


where sunshine meets hope….

inquiry for today~ slip into a hazy day….

coming undone

One month is past, another is begun,

Since merry bells rung out the dying year,

And buds of rarest green began to peer,

As if impatient for a warmer sun;

And though the distant hills are bleak and dun,

The virgin snowdrop like a lambent fire,

Pierces the cold earth with its green-streaked spire

And in dark woods, the wandering little one

May find a primrose.

~Hartley Coleridge

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