we study the heart

We must not wait for such opportunities to “really do our work”. The practice of our freedom takes place in any moment we choose to let go. Everyone and everything is our teacher. As you stand in your commitment to deepening your wisdom, you recognize that your spiritual practice is unfolding right before your eyes. Once you see your life as grist for the mill of awakening as Ram Dass once said, you pivot to your practice. He viewed his stroke which left him in a wheelchair as fierce grace.

We begin where we are in our evolving understanding. We start by taking a position. Out of reverence for the gift of this life we honor such a blessed opportunity by practicing love. Each movement of our compassionate heart towards our challenges is another thread in the tapestry of well-being.

May we rise to the moment with courage.

May we practice our liberation with love.

~Mitch Davidowitz

cold blue hearts and minds…..quietude shifts….

inquiry for today~ maybe. just maybe. you might feel calm today.

open road

When you are content

to be simply yourself

and don’t compare or compete,

everyone will respect you.

~Lao Tzu

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