overwhelm & then peace

Our ordinary life is a poor existence in which we most often seem absent from ourselves and reality, engulfed in vain concerns, which pursue every man’s footsteps.

But there are moments when we suddenly wake up, to realize the full meaning of our present reality. Such discoveries don’t fit in formulas or definitions. They are a matter of personal experience, the fruit of an incomparable intuition.

In the light of this experience, it is easy to see the futility of all the trifles that occupy our minds. We then recover a little of that calm and balance we should always have, and understand that life is a very big gift, to be wasted on anything less than perfection.

~Thomas Merton

caring for the world…

inquiry for today~ what is small and quiet today?

jump all in

In the end, we’re all held accountable to our own depth.


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