poems in the day

A poem is a delicate thing. Frost says it is but a momentary stay against confusion. For Dylan Thomas, a good poem is a gift to reality. To me, it is the sound of alluring words celebrating a circumstance of the soul; language refined to the essence of a single moment; the making of images and stories alive with life, inspiring the reader to make her own – all with the purpose of reducing suffering in the world, if only an infinitesimal amount, if only for a fleeting moment. Truth. Beauty. A poem.

~Donald Gray

nothing can take this away….

inquiry for today~ dive into sweet nothings in word play….

radical bliss

Every morning,

tumult and quietude marry each other

and create light.

~Mary Oliver

4 thoughts on “poems in the day

  1. … the poet longs to describe in words, where their words lead the reader into their own realization of knowing heaven is not just a place, it is a dimension of being-ness we separate ourselves into… Into this temporal space only to long for that which we already are

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