angels for Mom

Sometime questions really stay the most potent and transformational when they can just stand on their own. And you live with them over a period of time, and you come back to them. And then you see something different in the question or you feel something different about your response.”

~ Adyashanti

there is this precious memory of hope and care and luminosity- 8 years since Mom passed…

inquiry for today~ allow yourself those moments of kind longing…..

when I miss how it was

Last night

in the fields

I lay down in the darkness

to think about death,

but instead I fell asleep,

as if in a vast and sloping room

filled with those white flowers

that open all summer,

sticky and untidy,

in the warm fields.

When I woke

the morning light was just slipping

in front of the stars,

and I was covered

with blossoms.

I don’t know

how it happened—

I don’t know

if my body went diving down

under the sugary vines

in some sleep-sharpened affinity

with the depths, or whether

that green energy

rose like a wave

and curled over me, claiming me

in its husky arms.

I pushed them away, but I didn’t rise.

Never in my life had I felt so plush,

or so slippery,

or so resplendently empty.

Never in my life

had I felt myself so near

that porous line

where my own body was done with

and the roots and the stems and the flowers


~Mary Oliver

4 thoughts on “angels for Mom

  1. The Orchard

    I have dreamed
    of accomplishment.
    I have fed
    I have traded
    nights of sleep
    for a length of work.
    Lo, and I have discovered
    how soft bloom
    turns to green fruit
    which turns to sweet fruit.
    Lo, and I have discovered
    all winds blow cold
    at last,
    and the leaves,
    so pretty, so many,
    in the great, black
    packet of time,
    in the great, black
    packet of ambition,
    and the ripeness
    of the apple
    is its downfall.

    ……Mary Oliver

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