exclusive heart

When the words come,

they are merely empty shells without the music.

They live as they are sung,

for the words are the body and the music the spirit.

~Hildegard of Bingen

the sooty life helps me to appreciate the dawn…

inquiry for today~ simplicity. that is all today.

winter’s horizon

One time I was visiting with my relatives the clouds, the mountains, the sky, the trees

My relatives touched my spirit nudged it lovingly

Listen to us impatient one

We are forever

You must remember the gentleness of time

You are struggling to be who you are

You say you want to learn the old ways

Struggling to learn when all you must do is remember

Remember the people

Remember sky and Earth

Remember the people have always struggled to live in harmony in peace

Struggle against selfishness and weakness so the people may live as nations

The old ways are hard

The people have always had to work together

Remember impatient one

Remember and live

Do not be afraid of truth

respect discipline

Share your life so the people may live

Honor sky and Earth

Honor yourself

Honor your relations

Remember impatient one the gentleness of time so the people may live”

~John Trudell

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