sweet arms of the sky

When we descend all the way down to the bottom of a loss, and dwell patiently with an open heart, in the darkness and pain, we can bring back up with us the sweetness of life and the exhalation of inner growth.

When there is nothing left to lose, we find the true self – the self that is whole, the self that is enough, the self that no longer looks to others for definition, or completion, or anything but companionship on the journey.

~Elizabeth Lesser

the possibility of grit and grace….

inquiry for today~ may you be held…..

when there’s nothing left but mystery

The path of meditation isn’t about cutting ourselves off from the world or suppressing anything. It’s about learning to be with all of life – when it’s hard, and when it’s joyful. It means finding the support we need to stay open to the suffering in the world. And, when we have cause to celebrate, opening our hearts fully to the joy that we feel.

May you find the delicate balance to be with all that you feel right now, to stay awake and aware, and to respond to what’s needed with clarity and love.

~Oren Jay Sofer

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