see the way

Today’s blessing is for the numinous ones who are stitching together the rips in their life.

May you have the grace to understand that a “handmade life” as Dr Estés says, is our sacred responsibility.

May you recognize that although modern western culture teaches us that pristine is desirable, actually a life that well-lived is often worn and torn as it makes way for growth and responds to the friction of all that calls us on.

May you never be fooled that flawless = beauty.

May you instead, revel in the wonky beauty that calls you on, that is unique to you and that celebrates rather than skittles to hide, the flaws and failings that are evidence of our courage to change and learn.

May you access your courage and creativity to gather the threads of integrity and love that will ensure the mending and tending you do bring you further into your unique gifts.

May you understand that when you deliver on those gifts you contribute to us all.

May you ragged seams and all, feel how loved you are through time and space.

May you stitch on, we have work to do!

~Numinous Jane

considering the ultimate call to love….

inquiry for today~ and how will you define your freedom?

sublime honesty

Any small act of love shows us the next step to be taken.

So it’s imperative to stop rehearsing the perfect starting point

and just begin.

~Mark Nepo

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