you know

you do not have to a fire

for every mountain

blocking you.

you could be a water

and soft river your way

to freedom.


how will you every know you?

inquiry for today~ take it slow with kind ways……

quiet grit

Sometimes in life we feel as if we are lost in a wilderness, caught in a violent storm, and if we can find anything at all to hold on to, anything that looks as if it might offer us shelter, we hold on to it very tightly. In the howling wind and exposed to the elements, we look for something to carry us through the upheaval. When we find it, we cling tenaciously, rigidly, refusing to relinquish our refuge. Our sense of safety seems to depend upon clinging to that idea or explanation of how things are or will be. However, as so many of us have discovered, we might find ourselves holding a set of ideas, opinions and views that ultimately let us down. Is there anything that won’t let us down? Is there anything that can sustain our faith? The storms are often violent, the suffering intense—and the refuge needs to be real and enduring.

Where are you finding refuge these days?

~Sharon Salzberg

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