that wisdom you always knew

Letting go of our ideas about how life should go

is a choice that sets life’s magic free.

~ Melody Beattie

this life wishes me well….

inquiry for today~ there are simple moments to thrive into….

kinder still

When it feels too much

breathe deep,

slow down, come home.

Home to your soft breath, your beating heart,

to the swirls on your finger tips

and the smell of warm earth under your feet.

Drink chamomile, rose and lemon balm,

reach for what’s kind and good and free,

the gentle hum of bee, the robins song and

the feel of your own hands upon your heart.

Lie alone in the starry darkness and the golden light, refocus, rest and compost

knowing that this is how the

wild grows medicine, this is how

winter turns to spring.

~Brigit Anna McNeil

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