languid moments

Surely, every one of us is hurting one way or another. No one anticipated the things happening right now, but I guess, this is alright because nothing in this world is neither permanent nor certain.

With that said, this is also the one reason why you should never lose hope. Your pain today will soon be turned to joy, your worries and fears will soon turn to answered prayers – everything will go to its proper place someday.

Amidst the chaos, there are blessings that go unnoticed because we feel tired and anxious of everything. I hope you see it – I pray we all still feel grateful for breathing, and we all have the courage to do what we must do, at our own pace, at the right time.

It’s okay to rest but never give up and never lose faith that everything will turn out alright.

~Cho Amisola

maybe we witness the truth with each softening….

inquiry for today~ sometimes you just don’t know how….

take good care of this day

I am pieces of all the places

I have been,

and the people

I have loved.

I’ve been stitched together

by song lyrics,

book quotes,


late night conversations,


and the smell of coffee.

~Brooke Hampton

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