hope for our humanness

It is in the quiet times that we build our strengths and know we have something to rely on. Solitude is not withdrawal into a place where no one and no sound can penetrate. It is a sweet moment of peace with or without other people that lets us re-center and reset the rhythm of the mind, body and spirit. It is wisdom to stay close to the solitude of nature to keep us young and pliable.

~Joyce Sequichie Hifler

calling myself toward home….

inquiry for today~ allow little extra time to meander along the way….

finding a new way

The energy of the Self provides the thrust for the individuation process.

I cannot describe what it is, for I do not know, but I can tell how it feels.

It feels as if one were being drawn inward toward a center of great luminosity, yet to fly straight into it would be like a moth darting into a flame or the earth hurtling itself into the center of the sun.

So one moves about the center instead, close enough to see the brightness, to feel the warmth, but maintaining the orbital tension.

A dynamic relationship of a small finite being to a source of light and energy that has no limits.

~June Singer

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