a discernment toward truth

Your light does not come

from your successes.Your light is not ignited

by perfection,

or achievement or body shape.

Your light is not fuelled by

popularity or acceptance.

Neither is your light at any

risk of being put out,

when other lights around you,

are bright.

Your light is simply made of the

you-ness that makes you you,

the worries you have in the night,

the music which sparks your joy,

the books you had to read twice,

the memories stored safely

in your heart,

the people you love and the

people who love you.

Your light is never dependent

on how you look,

or how you perform.

It’s just there,

and it’s quite simply brilliant,

and it’s all yours.

And it lights up every room

you walk into,

whether you activate it or not.

What a wonderful thing.

Shine bright little fighter,

this dark world needs your glow.

~Donna Ashworth

may you know your beautiful heart…..

inquiry for today~ it’s a remembrance thing…….

wishes for you

I think your dark is really beautiful, in case you didn’t think anyone could see you there.

I see you there.

I think your light is really beautiful, in case you thought you went unnoticed.

I noticed.

The dark doesn’t hide the pain, and the light doesn’t make your smile true.

And anyway, on whatever day, whether you are covered in your own light

or submerged in the shadows of your own dark, it doesn’t change the color of your heart.

What I’m trying to say is whether you are smiling or not, I see you.

~Stephanie Bennett Henry

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