this colorful prayer

Soul is the glue of the world and the connecting agent of existence. By its nature soul is the mutable, multiple, changeable aspect of both the world and individual life. As the animating force of natural life, soul was termed “anima mundi,” the living, breathing Soul of the World. Aboriginal people in Australia called it “Yorro, Yorro,” everything in the world having soul, standing up and speaking to you.

When we lose our way in this world it is the soul’s way of being in touch with the pulse of life that has been lost. For we are most lost and truly abandoned when we have lost touch with our own soul, with our own inward style and way of being in the world. Soul is the missing ingredient when things fall apart, just as it was the animating force that first brought us to life.

~Michael Meade

I drop down and in and wide….

inquiry for today~ receive. open. soften.

what it is to heal

Nobody can fall so low unless he has a great depth. If such a thing can happen to a man, it challenges his best and highest on the other side; that is to say, this depth corresponds to a potential height, and the blackest darkness to a hidden light.

~Carl Jung

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