care of the beloved

The Beloved who stole my heart

sent a message with a butterfly.

It said, “I am yours”

and a hundred candles burst into flame.”


I know to feel….

inquiry for today~ and from the inside you find clarity…..

no doubts today

When in doubt, pause.

When in pain, pause.

When angry, pause.

When tired, pause.

When stressed, pause.

When scared, pause.

When overwhelmed, pause.

And when you pause…take a conscious breath,

gently remembering

the love and presence that you truly are.

Centering yourself in alignment with your true nature.

This Eclipse in Scorpio with this new moon can feel intense.

We are now in eclipse season.

It’s ripe with opportunities for massive transformation,

which is not always comfortable.

Remember to pause, breathe,

and gently allow for change to unfold organically.


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