this being human

Tell people how good they are, highlight their acts of love, mention how they made a difference to you, let them feel appreciated, loved and special, allow them to fall in love with themselves, make their day brighter with good words, because at the end of the day we are all struggling, we are all fighting things we don’t say even to ourselves, we are all running from our own demons, so be gentle, be kind, because one good word from you could change someone’s mood and the opposite is true, leave a good trace in someone’s heart it might be his savior.

~Yasmine Lasheen

when the tension eases and the day unfolds….

inquiry for today~ how will you find your bliss today?

forward the beauty

Show me a tree that doesn’t have a nick or a broken branch. Or a road that doesn’t have a crack or a hole. Or a home whose foundation hasn’t shifted in a storm. Then show me a heart that hasn’t been broken by pain or love. Or a mind that hasn’t been knotted by the tensions of life. To be alive is to be radiant and broken. Living with an open heart is the art of meeting our brokenness with our radiance.

It’s a reflex to close when we break, but the radiance that emanates from what’s been broken is what restores us. Understandably, we live in the midst of this strain: not wanting to be broken further and needing to let what’s living with us come out, once a way is revealed. For our deepest nature shows itself in the darkest times, the way stars are more visible at night.

It takes belief in the unfolding of life to let what’s radiant show through the tender parts of what’s broken. It’s the radiance of life that lines our self-worth, not in a grandiose way, but with a fundamental worth.

~Mark Nepo

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