the only way

I sometimes forget

that I was created for Joy.

My mind is too busy.

My Heart is too heavy

for me to remember

that I have been

called to dance

the Sacred dance of life.

I was created to smile

To Love

To be lifted up

And to lift others up.

O’ Sacred One

Untangle my feet

from all that ensnares.

Free my soul.

That we might


and that our dancing

might be contagious.


forgetting and dreaming and reaching out…

inquiry for today~ can it mean something better?

however clear and true

I hate small talk.

I wanna talk about atoms, death,

alines, moon, magic, intellect,

the meaning of life,

far away galaxies,

the lies you’ve told,

your flaws,

your favorite scents,

your childhood,

what keeps you up at night,

your insecurity and fears.

I like people with depth,

who speak with emotion

from a twisted mind.

I don’t want to know “what’s up.”


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