observing kindly

Wisdom is intimate knowledge

having to do with the core of

our own being.

Wisdom begins with radical

self-knowledge before it

ever becomes wise enough

to be helpful to others.

In this time when everyone

is separated to one degree

or another from each other,

in this time when a descent

is necessary, in this time when

many people are feeling the

deep splits within themselves,

as well as suffering the deep

splits and fault lines of the

collective culture, what’s

needed is not a series of

simple binary choices.

What is needed is not simply

an accumulation of more

information, but what is

needed is a descent to

interior places of wisdom.

~Michael Meade

these unearthed feelings of bliss….

inquiry for today~ what holds you close in today?

when love comes to call

There’s an unshakable place of trust in our hearts

where we unlock the ability to feel life’s 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows

with love and equanimity.

~Jack Kornfield

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