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The weather is a friend if you make it one.

I look forward to the gray, quiet time for solitude,

contemplation, leading, long conversations with friends.

Colors are softer, sounds have more depth,

the pace is gentler.

Instead of resentment at the lack of sun,

snuggle into the gray velvet quilt and make yourself a cup of tea.

~Jennifer Jones

may this be the most gentle of winters…..

inquiry for today~ and you may remain hopeful….

surrender to dusk

The alchemist realizes that he himself is the Philosopher’s Stone,

and that this stone is made diamond-like when the salt and the sulphur, or the spirit and the body,

are united through mercury, the link of mind. Man is the incarnated principle of mind as the animal is of emotion.

He stands with one foot on the heavens and the other on earth. His higher being is lifted to the celestial spheres,

but the lower man ties him to matter. Now the philosopher, building his sacred stone,

is doing so by harmonizing his spirit and his body. The result is the Philosopher’s Stone.

The hard knocks of life chip it away and facet it until it reflects lights from a million different angles.

~Manly P. Hall

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