how I wonder

It is time for the pilgrim in me

to travel in the dark,

to learn to read the stars

that shine in my soul.

I will walk deeper

into the dark of my night.

I will wait for the stars.

trust their guidance.

and let their light be enough for me.

~Joyce Rupp

what lights me up in the melancholic sky?

inquiry for today~ allow the shapeshifting mood…..

subtleties of day into night

It’s not too late to imagine that the days

to come are the lost children you are still

to bring to birth and bring to maturity,

and that you are ready once more to be

selfless on their behalf, setting them to rights

when they fall, listening when they lose

faith, being that mother or father,

who through all their difficulties,

gives the gift of constant witness.

~David Whyte

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