how you see the world

And then it happens…

One day you wake up

and you’re in this place

where everything feels right.

Your heart is calm.

Your soul is lit.

Your thoughts are positive.

Your wisdom is clear.

You’re at peace,

at peace with where you’ve been,

at peace with what you’ve been through

and at peace with where you’re headed.


I sweeten my tea with the lovely anticipation of hope…

inquiry for today~ may you know your bliss…..

a finer opening…

No matter how many profound insights we have, amazingly powerful awakening experiences we collect, or how convinced we become that we have it all together, we may always be at risk of further reorganization, shattering, deflation, and crushing revelation. At least, if we’re lucky.

These are luminous portals into the hidden chambers of the heart and into the crystalline rooms of the interior castle.

This is the essence-vitality of the mandala of the wounded healer. Inside the central garden, there is always more humbling as we are all beginners here. No experts, “masters,” and no final, resolved landing place where the Beloved isn’t able to find our psychic tenderness and sore places. If we’re lucky.

The tenderness, pure sadness, and grief of the broken contains a wisdom that is complete and pure on its own, and need not be shifted, transformed, or even healed.

Yes, it can burn here and it can take us to dust. But the particles of that dust are filled with a healing balm, infused with the alchemical tincture, with shards of light.

~Matt Licata

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