your most authentic love

In love we subvert the everyday structures of the life we had built so carefully

and raze them to foundations on which a new, shared life can be built again.

Unrequited love has its own form of fearful falling,

but falling into a full felt and reciprocated love we face the most difficult, most revealing and most beautiful questions of all:

are we large enough and generous enough and present enough;

are we deserving enough, and ready enough and robustly vulnerable enough,

to hold the joy, the future grief,

and the overwhelming sense of privileged blessing that lies in that embrace?

~David Whyte

may you know your own heart…

inquiry for today~ a day of sharing what matters….

forever true

I shall cherish you

Forever in my heart

Be you near

Or be you far

We shall never really, be apart

As I

I shall cherish you

Forever, in my heart.

~Athey Thompson

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