calling home

There is a beautiful complexity of growth within the human soul. In order to glimpse this,

it is helpful to visualize the mind as a tower of windows. Sadly, many people remain trapped at the one window,

looking out every day at the same scene in the same way.

Real growth is experienced when you draw back from that one window, turn,

and walk around the inner tower of the soul and see all the different windows that await your gaze.

Through these different windows, you can see new vistas of possibility, presence, and creativity.

Complacency, habit, and blindness often prevent you from feeling your life. So much depends on the frame of vision-

the window through which you look.

~John O’Donohue

I can only resist the soul path for so long…..

inquiry for today~ it seems like we’ve traveled so far…..

finding you along the way

I shall

Gather up

All the lost souls

That wander this earth

All the ones that are alone

All the ones that are broken

All the ones that never really fitted in

I shall gather them all up

And together we shall find our home.

~Athey Thompson

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