bliss revealed

Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us

and see the beauty in ordinary things.

~Thomas Merton

care for the world and allow new openings….

inquiry for today~ when the mystery lightens us…..

when I know how to forgive

The seduction of happiness… it tries to pull us into the underbelly of preservation –

but our happiness isn’t likely to stay in the same shape or form as we want it to or remember it to be for very long.

It is a constant moving force. It is something to hold close for a while-

then release it and give it out with simple grace. Happiness isn’t a place, a person, or a destination-

it is balance – a balance that keeps us sane in a world gone mad.

So, keep one foot planted in the dirt, one dangling in the water, and arms stretched out in acceptance.

Remember every single time we turn our hands out and our palms up, we receive-

and happiness echoes.

~Debbie Lynn

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