never finished

Be around the light bringers,

the magic makers, the world shifters,

the game shakers.

They challenge you,

break you open,

uplift and expand you.

They don’t let you play small with your life.

These heartbeats are your people.

These people are your tribe.

~Danielle Doby

considerable choices…..

inquiry for today~ what do you actually see today?

formidable heart

A person whose wisdom exceeds his good deeds is likened to a tree whose branches are numerous,

but whose roots are few. The wind comes and uproots it and turns it upside down.

But a person whose good deeds exceed his wisdom is likened to a tree whose branches are few

but whose roots are numerous. Even if all the winds of the world were to come and blow against it,

they could not budge it from its place.

~The Talmud

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