the sweet spot of care

We often live like shadows,

suffering from stories never

told and songs never sung.

Though, even shadows vanish

with enough light. And truth

remains a perception revealed

by time.

To live a full life, we are called

to participate in everything, while

accepting that we control nothing.

So, with nothing left to say, I

explore the wonder in silence

and try to net the stars with

thoughts of the beginning.

~Mark Nepo

can I see clearly when it’s impossible?

inquiry for today~ can you remember the possibility of freedom?

remember forgiveness

You might think

this blessing lives

in the story

that you can see,

that it has curled up

in a comfortable spot

on the surface

of the telling.

But this blessing lives

in the story beneath

the story.

It lives in the story

inside the story.

In the spaces


In the edges,

the margins,

the mysterious gaps,

the enticing and

fertile emptiness.

This blessing

makes its home

within the layers.

This blessing is

doorway and portal,

passage and path.

It is more ancient

than imagining

and makes itself

ever new.

This blessing

is where the story


~Jan Richardson

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