you smile sometimes

You cannot walk ‘the wrong path’.

You can only walk the path.

For a moment, be present.


Let the past recede into the evening.

Feel your body held on the vastness of the Earth.

Hear sounds shimmering all around you.

You cannot know you are walking the wrong way.

You are simply walking the way you are walking,

walking the path you cannot not walk.

Your walking makes it the path.

The path of this moment.

The only path you can touch.

The path your senses meet.

Behold, your path reveals itself in front of you!

Only a thought calls it wrong or right.

With doubt as your trusted guide, walk with courage.

In every sacred moment.

In every Now of Now.

Through every breath.

Through every joy and sorrow.

This is your path.

~Jeff Foster

simplicity of being easy comes upon me….

inquiry for today~ when you shift to not being so stuck…notice that….

when the lights come up

Some days we need a horizon to find the shape of ourselves.

To feel the relative immensity of the outside world and our inner world.

Some days our suffering is a vast sky, some days our grace is a deep harbour.

Some days we are a little spec of driftwood that made it back to shore.

Some days we are a small stone that rests all the way down, shifted by only the deepest currents.

Today we can rest with each other on the edge, no need to mend or change or know.


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