simple silence of you & me connecting

reveling in calm

empty space… the silence of the heart…..beckons a widening gesture….a noble courage……

It is true of every art that you cannot acquire what you have not felt…..Gustie Herrigel

this is the soundless space of art…where we feed our intention…stepping out of our own way….

The secret of artistic creation & is to be found in a return to the state of ‘participation mystique’….to that level of experience at which it is man who lives, & not the indivdual, & at which the weal or woe of the single human being does not count, but only human existence….Carl Jung

running free….draw strenth from the collective…tearing your bones away from your soul’s edge….shhh….be in the silence & urge a new color palette to emerge….be with that other you awhile…. 

I pass

by day

and night

no one has seen me

If you ever

want to find


and know me

leave behind


and enter

the caves of other


there you

will find


who is


…Vincent Ferrini

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