ABC Award

Thanks Dolly for the sweet nomination for the ABC award…

check out All About Lemon for a blog that is filled with little nooks & surprises….fun to check out!

And my abc list….litlle tidbits about me…

a/art  b/berries  c/contentment  d/delve  e/elysian  f/forgive  g/gift  h/heart  i/iphone  j/journal  k/kite  l/languid  m/mist  n/nest  o/olives  p/pearl  q/quiet  r/ruminate  s/solstice  t/tea  u/unicorn  v/vintage  w/white  x/xenolith  y/yoga  z/zoon

Following through with other nominations for ‘awesome blog content’…..


Warrior Poet Wisdom

Emma Tree

Shutter Sisters

Soul Aperture

Journal Girl

A Fanciful Twist

Kind Over Matter

Meredith Winn

Oh Olive

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