soil of the soul speaks in flowers

a layered & textured life

The human soul has always been likened to a flower, & traditionally the essential nature of both has always been seen to be prayer, which exemplifies the archetypal theurgic activity of infinite yearning by means of which, by the power of sympathy, one is drawn ineffably toward one’s source. Plants, like all things on Earth are at once earthly & heavenly. The flowering plant, like the human, is threefold, beginning with the root (body), unfolding through the stem & leaf (soul), & culminating in the flower (spirit). The stem rises & the leaves unfold. Essentially interior, such joy, is pure, without attachment, preconception, judgment, or thought. Joy, in this sense, is the pure natural condition of the human heart. It allows the heart slowly to begin to regain the purity which is as natural to it as leaves to the plant…………Christopher Bamford

spring essence…pathways to soul in the fragrance of a flower….an ecology of blooming…another heart journey…digging in the dirt…uncovering our own wild psyche complete with its wounds, its gifts, its potential…

a few favorites…..

peonies, violets, gardenia, daisies, dahlias, tulips, magnolia, camellia, lillies, morning glories, geraniums, poppies, allium, sunflowers, frangipani, primrose, lilly of the valley, impatiens, mountain laurel, cosmos, foxglove, water lillies, passion flower, angel’s trumpet, sweet pea, hydrangea, baby’s breath, delphinium, snowdrop, hyacinth, gladiolus, lilly of the nile, jasmine, pansies, azalea, crocus, iris, lilac, ranunculus, viburnum, mountain laurel, garden roses….

the deep imagery of calyx, corolla, & stamen…

O Man,

Regard thyself,

Thou hast within thyself

Heaven & Earth

………..Hildegard of Bingen

11 thoughts on “soil of the soul speaks in flowers

  1. This was a beautiful and insightful post….I really loved it, and I am a lover of flowers too, especially lillies and orchids… have a lovely blog….thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful collage, and I adore the Goethe quote from the “Grandfathersky” comment. A lovely reflection on your post.


    • Thanks Elisa…it’s wonderful when we can connect to each other’s posts, insights, & reflections…love that quote, too…brings it right to where we love…the heart. Thanks for sharing…

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