Sunshine Award #4

 The Sunshine Award

 Thanks to Wendy at Meaningful Western Life for nominating me

for my 4th Sunshine Award….I am honored to share this award with other

 ‘bloggers who positively & creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.’

Wendy’s blog, courageous & soulful,

takes on the daunting task of finding joy

 in between our crowded, busy & overly-defined spaces.

Please take a minute to explore her discoveries…

Here in cyberspace, we give awards to open our space a little wider…

exploring our connections…

Thank the person who nominated you & link back….

answer the 7 questions….

nominate 10 other extra special blogs with a link…

Favorite Color – Copper & Teal

Favorite Animal – Manatee

Favorite Number – 7

Favorite Drink – Green tea

Facebook or Twitter – Neither

Your Passion – Living Well

Giving or getting presents – Giving

Favorite Pattern – Wave

Favorite Day – Sunday

Favorite FlowersA Recent Post All About Flower Power

Extra Special Blogs…(no particular order)

Kana’s Chronicles 

Hug Trip


Self Blossoming

Spiritual Baby Steps


Up Front Men Blog

A Winsome Journey

Awakening to the Dance

Atomic Potential

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