grace & gravity….the trenches of grit

your fluffy, marshmallow mind

All the natural movements of the soul are controlled by laws analagous to those of physical gravity.

Grace is the only exception.

We must always expect things to happen in conformity with the laws of gravity, unless there is supernatural intervention….Simone Weil

this sweet floating of grace is healing in motion…a magical lilt of indurance, grit, faith….

it may seem like the most precious of angel’s gifts at first…but no…the realization hits hard….we need much more than gifts….we need rock hard will & determination & a never-give-up fierceness to navigate the trenches of the everyday…

you have that gift already….you always have Grace in your pocket…

remember…& be grateful….

We have all experienced moments of apparently sudden understanding. They can happen anywhere: in conversation with a friend, driving a car, sitting on the subway, walking along a country path, in church. We know something is happening because everything changes. We are stopped; the quality of attention sweetens; something descends…music, a scent, a meaning. Behind it , it seems, can be anything; a memory an insight, or the sensed presence of an angel. Grace. Gratitude, as Rilke well knew, is the only appropriate response.

If the angel at your table suddenly

makes up his mind, Be quiet;

gently smooth the few wrinkles

in the cloth beneath your bread.

Then offer him your crude food

Let him taste it in this turn

and raise to his pure lips

A simple everyday glass.

it’s all okness somehow….

8 thoughts on “grace & gravity….the trenches of grit

  1. Grace is indeed divine. Occasionally we stop to see, feel it, even express grace. To follow the red road, the right path, the straight and narrow (keep plugging) is a way of grace, and thank God for it all.

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