the miracle of your shoes connecting heart to soul

walking with insipid light

Walking meditation brings teachings into awarenss. Every step we take, Buddha’s reverent hand on the earth. Every step a breath dying into the next one’s birth. Every step the present moment, fully claimed & peacefully expressed. The calculating mind dissolves, the running ceases, and Mara,  the embodiment of desire-driven life, is defeated. Walking is a process in which an entire ecology  participates, not something ‘I’ do. Another layer of ego softened; a bit more recognition of the reality that Thich Nhat Hanh calls, so beautifully, Interbeing.

you are feet on earth, sky & tree, skin on bone on grass in fog…

walking meditation is one of the most beautiful, ancient & relevant teachings…so useful to our overloaded lives…no matter what is embodied in the day to day….putting one foot in front of the other releases…no where else are we right where we are….an absolute beginning point every time…no more conquering the world….wooing it….

meditation in action….disengaging the fragmented internal mind…kissing it softly….instead of pounding it into submission….remembering you are here to breathe..

you are hands in pockets & body in coat, head in clouds & heart in wind…

a seeker in the absolute, a wanderer on the path…always leading home….

While crossing the bridge, walking, up in the sun-speckled wood, meditation becomes a different thing. Without any wish & search, without any complaint of the brain, there was unenforced silence; the little birds were chirping & the breeze was playing with the leaves & there was silence. It was not the silence within an enclosure, within the limits of thought  & so recognized as stillness.  Seeing without thought, without the word, without the response of memory, is wholly different  from seeing with thought & feeling. Seeing a cloud over a mountain, without thought & its responses, is the miracle of the new; it’s not ‘beautiful,’ it’s explosive in its immensity; it is something that has never been & never will be. It is the totality of life & not the fragment of all thought…..Krishnamurti

walking through fog…


13 thoughts on “the miracle of your shoes connecting heart to soul

  1. It is in that quiet place, with but the sounds that have always been (since the first garden), that we know peace – for we know home. Inspired thoughts. Thank you.

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