the serenity of the unambitious life

a simple life

When I detect a beauty in any of the recesses of nature, I am reminded by the serene & retired spirit in which it requires to be contemplated, of the inexpressible privacy of life- how silent & unambitious it is. The beauty there in the mosses will have to be considered from the holiest, quietest nook…. My truest, serenest moments are too still for emotion; they have woolen feet. In all our lives we live under the hill, & if we are not gone we live there still…

……..Henry David Thoreau

drunk on heavy, sweet & green air….luscious, ripe, full of temptation to loosen more & more…to relent to the pull of the silent edge….’come in to know me,’ the mirrored water whispers….

from one extreme of perfect stillness to the most raucous roar of the canyon, mountain, river, trail… difference….the call is the call…the silence remains in the soul of the healing….run & be still…the catapulted stillness of knowing where you are….

I looked up & saw Japhy running down the mountain in huge twenty-foot leaps, running, leaping, landing with a great drive of his booted heels, bouncing five feet or so, running, then taking another long crazy yelling yodelaying sail down the sides of the world & in that flash I realized ‘it’s impossible to fall off mountains you fool’ & with a yodel of my own I suddenly got up & began running down the mountain after him doing exactly the same huge leaps, the same fantastic runs & jumps, & in the space of about five minutes I’d guess Japhy Ryder & I (in my sneakers, driving the heels of my sneakers right into sand, rock, boulders, I didn’t care any more I was so anxious to get down out of there) came leaping & yelling like mountain goats or I’d say like Chinese lunatics of a thousand years ago…

…Jack Kerouac

simple pleasures…

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19 thoughts on “the serenity of the unambitious life

  1. I have always been such a fan of Thoreau. It is one of my Life Habits to take joy and beauty from the smallest of things. Sometimes the whole world can be dark and gray and I will look down and see a new flower struggling to free itself from the earth that has been frozen and dead all winter and my heart will take flight in that. It can fill me with hope and joy for no particular reason other than there it is. I have made it through some of the toughest times in my life by doing things like this.

    Thank you so very much for reminding me.

    • Love Thoreau, too… describe this moment of pure humanity very well…..reconnecting to our essence….our innate way of traveling from darkness to light…..thanks so much for sharing…

    • Yes….I think it’s easier to breathe with trees…they have a palpable presence…the allure of sweet stillness….thanks for sharing….

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