the catacombs of the inner life

effulgent chrysalis

Remember the day when you tore through the fabric of things & you were taken alive, pinned motionless in the racket of rackets of wheels upon wheels turning without turning, & you within it all, always seized by the same motionless moment, repeating, repeating, & time made only one revolution, everything revolved in three innumerable directions, time turned back on itself- & eyes of flesh saw only a dream, there existed only a devouring silence, words were dried peels, & the noise, the yes, the noise, the no, the black & visible howling of the machine denied you,- the silent shout ‘I am’ which the bone hears, from which the stone dies, from which what never lived believes itself to die,- & you were reborn at each instant only to be denied by the great boundless circle, wholly pure, center & only center, pure except for you…..Rene Daumal

the rich fabric of our wanting seizes our questions….shapes them into a love for truth…a love for love’s sake..encountering, enriching, enmeshing…

the disturbing whispers of true reality are the tender pains of our deepest longings…give in to the wrenching beauty of knowing the abyss is there to be discovered….

leaving to come home…

‘I am astonished, disappointed, pleased with myself. I am distressed, depressed, rapturous. I am all these things at once & cannot add up the sum,’ wrote Carl Jung, expressing the powerful experience of being open to the full range of one’s inner life. If we want to live fully, we must also feel fully. In order to feel, we must learn to touch & taste the great pulse of life that moves through our bodies, deep psyches, & hearts…..Mariana Capland

6 thoughts on “the catacombs of the inner life

  1. Through the womb we come cold and naked into this world.. Here we will learn to feel the heart inside and always seek the rhythm we knew before that moment of birth. We withdrawal again and again seeking…

  2. Oh how true! When the world is quiet, and all that’s left is your soul, you best learn to recognize its voice. Otherwise, you might misunderstand the message. You might not hear the whisper that is your song. Beautiful………

    • So true…we forget how muddled we can get….how disconnected from ourselves…..Listening for your song…I like that…thanks for sharing…

  3. Beautiful …..and in this chaotic loud world our soul speaks and the voice dies inside…
    From the day we came into this world we were coached and taught in so many ways to stop listening to ourselves…break free of those ways and look inside
    Marvelous thought provoking piece

    • Yes, we are so conditioned to do & be all that is ‘normal’….not leaving a lot of room for ‘big life’……thank you so much for sharing this insight…

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