a simple joy mirrors the inner to the outer …..

moving through fire....

Maybe you’ve had the disturbing experience of misplacing your soul. You might have asked, ‘Is my soul found inside me or is it ‘out there’ in nature?’ The answer surprises: You can learn about your soul by looking ‘inward’ through the windows of imagination & feeling. And you can learn about your soul by looking ‘outward’ to the wild world. But the soul itself is neither inside nor outside. The wild world reflects your essence back to you just like a still lake reflects your image. In the same way, your soul, your essence, is in the world, & nature mirrors that fact back to you…Bill Plotkin

this visionary experience reveals layers….knowing & not knowing…death & life…soul embracing all…..complete with its ambiguity, paradox, & shifty-eyed shadows in the dark….

really though, these ‘big mysteries’ come back to simple joys where soul ignites….

eating an apple, tying your hiking boots, tucking in a cool pillow, waking to birdsong, following the moon behind a tree, cool sand under tense feet, photos of your grandmother, sitting on a park bench, snowballs & a little mischief, picking strawberries, moonless quiet, packing a picnic…

glimpsing the brief thin place between you & soul

when everything around you is enough….

I know that nothing has ever been real

without my beholding it.

All becoming has needed me.

My liking ripens things

and they come toward me, to meet & be met.


 I can hear music…when there is none….

10 thoughts on “a simple joy mirrors the inner to the outer …..

  1. Not sure who said this, but it goes something like ” i was knocking, and knocking for the door (to perception ) to open, one day I found I was knocking from the inside …

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