adrenalin swirling in an overflowing head

forget the day...

If at times you feel numb or distanced from the essence of what you know, perhaps your mind, like the sage’s teacup, is too full. Perhaps, like a bowl too full of fish, your deepest thoughts have no room to move. To let God like a great wind rim our head like an empty bowl. Information is not wisdom. But how do we empty the mind? By not overthinking. By not replaying fears or dreams or doubts or praise. By choosing the most important thing on our endless list of things to do & doing it fully after tearing up the list…..Mark Nepo

we run on adrenalin & feel pretty good about that…not knowing when to just stop….not knowing how to just stop….not feeling right about saying I need to just stop….never finding the right time to just stop…

we don’t empty….we don’t routinely refuel with nature, poetry, tea, walking, music, art, bubble baths, moon watching, cat hugs…..

It isn’t easy in our complicated world to enjoy the pleasures of ordinary living- children, family, neighborhood, nature, walking, gathering, eating together. I imagine life not as an ambitious quest, but as an anti-quest, a search for the ordinary & a cultivation of the unexceptional.

….Thomas Moore

we walk right out of our skin….disconnected….we’re all head…no body….

When you try to stop activity to achieve passivity, your very effort fills you with activity…..Jianzhi Sengcan

the hippies know a bit about letting go….let them dance… 

12 thoughts on “adrenalin swirling in an overflowing head

  1. Sometimes we don’t even know how fast we’re moving until we do learn to stop and slow down. Luckily, I learned it about 17 years ago and have no trouble saying no or that’s not for me. Life is pretty good in the slow lane for an old hippie. 🙂

    • Life in the slow lane is much better than people give it credit for, I do not miss the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, linger on a park bench to watch mother nature doing her thing and to let my imagination out to scamper about.

      • It’s so inspirational to hear about people who ‘get it’….& then make it happen….thanks for sharing….this will help on a crazy day!

    • It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day busyness……& it’s not like you’re the only one living that way! Thanks for sharing….

  2. unless we carry it with us, no matter how far we search we will never find happiness. I was alwasy struck by the words I heard Adyashanti say that “isn’t enlightenment, simply seeing things as they are” ….

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