sacred space…..the profound cave where our lives echo….

a lifetime of preparing for full moons...

When we set aside a certain area as a special or sacred precinct….we are engaging in the ancient act of making ‘temenos’….marking out a space appropriate for a certain spirit that breathes life into our activity…We need thresholds in our daily lives, so that we clearly move from one sphere of life to another. Our souls need a variety of places where they can retreat & disappear from life. Parks, beaches, trails, daydreaming, night dreams, distraction, memory & many other things fit in the category of rapture, each requiring a temenos that is created with imagination & protected firecely & aggressively…..Thomas Moore

the key to temenos seems to be unerring boundaries…. empty & filled require distinct thresholds….mirroring our lives….our relationships……our dreams & our choices…spiraling up from a ‘garden of wildflowers’ & once we understand our soul-roots it becomes ‘our garden’…knowing intuitively where our spirit thrives & where enchantment wanes….

The Wanderer explores the interweavings between psyche & nature, how a dream or a place may suggest a place in nature in which to wander or an image to seek in his wanderings. Or he might ramble in the wild & run smack into a repeating dreamscape from childhood, his eyes wide & mouth agape. Now what will he do? Inner & outer wanderings & boundaries support, extend, & enrich one another- a key feature of soulcraft….Bill Plotkin

waxing & waning moons in the sky are subtle reminders to carve out that same moon space in our hearts….to soar up from the canyon, we only need to step outside for a moment at the end of the day….wander in our souls just to seek & disappear in one cycle of breath….

create your own meaning of liminality…..

4 thoughts on “sacred space…..the profound cave where our lives echo….

  1. Space in between, transitions, as a necessary part of life… Very important reminder. There are day in my 30 minute rid home from work where I don’t feel it lifting off me until I come over the mountain just before arriving home, like it creates a partition for the soul…

    • yes, that’s temenos…..& we need our spaces… studio is a sanctuary….as is any space I define as a ‘reading nook’…..mountain as partition for the soul….beautiful imagery….

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