the portal to soul….the jolt of springtime….

Set down the baggage, take off the blinders.

See for yourself

This very place is the valley of the Endless Spring.

This very body is the body of the universe.

….John Daido Loori

everything is particularly alive today….like any day with a crisp edge & a hungry heart….a visceral affirmation of being home on this earth…open to the full experience of life….self-deception set aside momentarily…sensitive & tender to the nuances of sky & bark & trail….

the cat follows the sunny patches around the house…he’s so warm….

White Flowers

Last night

in the fields

I lay down in the darkness

Β to think about death,

but instead I fell asleep,

as if in a vast & sloping room

filled with those white flowers

that open all spring,

sticky & untidy,

in the warm fields.

When I woke

the morning light was just slipping

in front of the stars,

& I was covered

with blossoms.

I don’t know

how it happened-

I don’t know

if my body went diving down

under the sugary vines

in some sleep-sharpened affinity

with the depths, or whether

that green energy

rose like a wave

& curled over me, claiming me

in its husky arms.

I pushed them away, but I didn’t rise.

Never in my life had I felt so plush,

or so slippery,

or so resplendently empty.

Never in my life

had I felt myself so near

that porous line

where my own body was done with

& the roots & the stems & the flowers


….Mary Oliver

may the luscious thirst of soul hunger lead you home, too….

it’s just the sweetest day…


18 thoughts on “the portal to soul….the jolt of springtime….

    • Yes….driving our hearts into the realm of soul…..the poets know how to elevate & then surrender….thanks! And as a poet….you know this well……

  1. Spring. My favorite time of the year! Even though we got snow today in my little part of Colorado the trees are budding. The grass is turning green. The birds are coming back. Mother Earth is waking from a long cold sleep and life is everywhere. With that life comes the promise of re-birth and hope.

    Thank you for reminding me

    • Re-birth & hope….yes, that’s nature’s reminder isn’t it?…that all is well…there is a ‘plan’….that’s where this ‘elation’ of the changing seasons emerges….thanks for sharing where you are in the cycle…..I don’t think you need to be reminded….observantly aware….you have so much to look forward to….it’s good to share….

  2. I am still moved by the absolute splendor of the poem “White Flowers”. I is completely enthralling and beautiful. Thank you so much, Love to you, Linda

    • I know….I love her work…..she hits the soft spot every time….she sends my fledgling feelings about springtime into a whole new realm….thanks Linda…..hope you’re enjoying your springtime, too…

    • One basic fallacy in thinking is the idea of separateness….when we come ‘home’ to inter-being, it always feels right….thanks for sharing Anil….

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