a brighter world seen in one flower, one breath, one awareness

reveling in our world....

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

& Heaven in a Wild Flower,

hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

& Eternity in an hour.

…..William Blake

Do we really see the flowers? What clarity seeps in when we engage with flowers we’ve never ‘seen?’ This cocooning & blossoming, a fluidity of soul, takes our small selves & embarks them on a bigger journey of seeing & knowing….not so tight…not so small….

when we become vague, left with dogma & disenchanted morality…

fear & pale faces….

we revive in the sun…with the flowers…in simplicity’s wisdom…

the numinous dirt…

drown in flowers once in awhile…. 

The more conscious you are in both body & spirit, when you’re breathing at those deep, deep levels & become keen in all your senses, your life changes. I never saw red until the day I left the cancer ward; then I saw a red tulip. Love is spoken all the time, but how many really live it? Open the body……Marion Woodman

20 thoughts on “a brighter world seen in one flower, one breath, one awareness

  1. thoughts after my own heart! there is such beauty in the simple things of life if only we take the time to look and enjoy. thanks for such an uplifting post!

    • Yes, she calls us to ‘see’ ourselves….to find ways around our limits….always with more love…..Blessings to you as well…..

  2. Nothing reminds me to really see the world like being with a young child and their excited wonder…thanks for coming by and the “like”.

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