a life of mini deaths & rebirths….

finding sky

I find you, Lord, in all Things & in all

my fellow creatures, pulsing with your life;

as a tiny seed you sleep in what is small

& in the vast you vastly yield yourself.

The wondrous game that power plays with Things

is to move in such submission through the world:

groping in roots & growing thick in trunks

& in treetops like a rising from the dead.


we seek the sacred….silent & reverent in our aloneness……that yearning which calls us down sometimes….we don’t know what to make of our crooked hearts…we try to move lightly forward…clinging to the strings of our life….

this profound weekend calls for an inquiry into these baffled hearts….these basic assumptions…a reflection in sweetness….like jelly beans….

 What must die? Any resistance to the bigger truth. Any holding on by the little ego part of me that cannot see beyond its own nose. Practicing dying means living as close to reality as we can in each moment. It is the ultimate bravery. The spiritual warrior stands undefended before the truth. Every day you are given an embarrassingly rich array of opportunities to die to your resistance to what is so about yourself, your life, & those you share it with. Try it….Elizabeth Lesser

how shall we bear our crosses today? 

what does your house hold? where does it crumble?

or is it just letting in more light?

16 thoughts on “a life of mini deaths & rebirths….

  1. Like Anthony J. D’Angelo once said: “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”….because “when you possess light within , you see it externally” Anaïs Nin

  2. I really enjoyed this, it is especially fitting for this time of year, no matter your spiritual tradition, because Spring is a time for rebirth. Thank you for sharing!

    • It’s clearly not a coincidence is it? We are meant to go through cycles & renew again…..Thank you Jason…Blessings to you this Easter…

  3. Beautiful… thank you for these questions, looking, facing ourselves…
    I see the part of me that is dying so that a new life can be born… a continual process… and i am trying to live faithfully to my own heart open in each moment…
    ~ j

  4. what needs to die today – what is no longer needed – what holds me back from letting go??? each day is an opportunity to live closer to Spirit and less attached to the illusions created by my will. awareness – it’s a choice.

    • oh, you are so right….awareness is a choice…but for so many of us…we just don’t ‘get it’…don’t see how that’s possible….it’s good to feel strong & knowing in just being able to ask that question….
      ‘what holds me back from letting go?’….
      thanks Victoria, for your poignant comment….

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