Easter dawn & an idyllic code of compassion

bunnies & dye & love...

Whether you go to sunrise service today or not, may your heart & soul be strong, passionate & filled with hope….live well & give kindness like candy…

As a result of practicing compassion, we will start to have a deeper understanding of the roots of suffering. We will wish that not only the outer manifestations of suffering will decrease but also that all of us could stop acting & thinking in ways that escalate ignorance & confusion. We remember that when we harden our heart against anyone, we hurt ourselves. We are deeply connected….Pema Chodron

Today is a lovely day to stretch our hearts…to practice being in our ‘soft spot’ in our kinship with others….not hooked on fear, judgment & doubt….live your faith….

see in the clouds….faith’s reflection & a daydream for peace….

Religions are the conduits for their unique expression of faith. Competition & intolerance are likely to creep in when the contemplative dimension has slipped out of the mainstream of a religion & the belief system assumes a disproportionate importance. Faith is active in love. We meditate to grow in faith. We meditate to arrive at continuous prayer where we remain at home in the place of union while keeping our feet on the ground. The goal of faith is communion. Then the prayer of Jesus for all humanity makes sense: ‘May they be one as we are one. As You, Father, are in me & I in you, may they be in us.’….Laurence Freeman

12 thoughts on “Easter dawn & an idyllic code of compassion

  1. More and more I feel an interconnectedness, even as the days are separate from each other, so they also blend into seasons of our lives . Thank you again for you reminders.

    • Gratitude plays such a role in this doesn’t it? We can appreciate each other so much more when we pay attention…..have a wonderful Easter…

    • Sweet Blessings to you as well Julie….it’s been a wonderful day filled with hope, a brief pause for gratitude, & family….

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